Affordable UV-C Disinfection To Speed Up International HCAI Reduction. 


UV-C disinfection Has slowly been introduced to the UK healthcare industry for the last few years. At Hunter UV one of our missions is to increase the speed of this process. Since UV-C has been introduced to the healthcare industry clinical studies and peer reviewed studies have been conducted showing its unique ability to decease healthcare acquired infections far beyond the ability of traditional disinfection.


UV-C was shown to reduce bioburden and epidemiologically important pathogens by 94%, which has been shown to result in a 35% reduction in colonization and infections in hospital settings with 93% compliance of standard disinfection protocols.


Traditionally UV-C disinfection has been mainly used in patient rooms, OR’s and isolated rooms. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic hospitals have found new reaches for UV-C disinfection. Hospitals are now utilising the technologies across the hospitals to help prevent cross contamination. Communal spaces and public spaces are being disinfected with UV-C. COVID-19 has shinned a light on the importance of UV-C disinfection and its ability to be utilised across a whole hospital.