– About the T-1000


Disinfection Robot

Utilising UV-C light to kill pathogens and reduce Healthcare Associated Infections 
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About the T-1000

Utilising the power of UV light to Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections

The T-1000 is a disinfection robot that utilises UV-C light to disinfect rooms and spaces within healthcare facilities. The T-1000’s purpose is to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HCAI’s) and to enable healthcare providers to save vital resources and increase patient care and protection.

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Validated UV-C light-emitting technology at 253.7 nm to deactivate pathogens


Equipped with 360° motion sensors, the T-1000 shuts down disinfection cycles if movement is detected within a room


Easy and simple operating system through our tailored smart app


360° disinfection coverage allowing for total room disinfection

making spaces safer


Latest 3D printing technology and superyacht fibber glass to create a sleek and durable design


Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI connectivity generating seamless data linking and transferring


All disinfection data and history are stored and sent to your dashboard for you to access at any time

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T-1000 Mission 

Lowering Healthcare Associated Infections

The T-1000’s mission is to reduce healthcare associated infection (HCAI’s) within hospitals and other healthcare facilities. HCAI’s are infections that patients obtain whilst receiving healthcare treatment. HCAI’s lead to operational issues, use up excess resources, are costly and, in some cases, can be life-threatening. Traditional chemical disinfection can miss more than 50% of pathogens. This leads to a higher chance of the next patient obtaining a preventable HCAI. The T-1000 simply reinforces traditional cleaning by disinfecting these missed areas after traditional cleaning has occurred. This lowers overall room pathogen load leading to less chance of the next paint obtaining a HCAI.

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T-1000 Benefits 

Reducing Infections, Lowering Costs And Saving Resources

  • Reducing hospital associated infections
  • 99.99% of pathogens disinfected
  • A fast and autonomous disinfection solution
  • Saving healthcare facilities resources, reducing their costs and preventing patient infections
  • Easy and simple to operate
  • Dashboard to view all operation data and history
  • Customisable to your site

operation process 

Fast, simple and easy to use  

The T-1000 is not a replacement but an addition to your regular cleaning process. After manual cleaning, the T-1000 is placed within the room and the disinfection cycle is activated. Once the disinfection cycle has been activated the operator can continue to perform other tasks elsewhere until the cycles are complete. After the cycles have been completed the T-1000 signals via its tablet that it is ready to be moved to the next room.

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disinfection science  

Destroying pathogens to their core

The T-1000 produces UV-C electromagnetic energy that destroys the ability of microorganisms to reproduce by creating chemical reactions in the nucleic acids. The UV-C light triggers the formation of specific thymine or cytosine dimers in DNA and uracil dimers in RNA, which causes inactivation of the pathogen. This subsequently makes pathogens no longer infectious and non-threatening to patient and staff.

Other Area Feature  

Anytime, anywhere with “Other area”

The T-1000’s comes equipped with our latest Other Area feature. This feature enables you to go above and beyond the T-1000’s custom disinfection maps and use the robot anywhere. This feature allows you to disinfect any area out side of your Alliance Program key areas in case of any disinfection emergencies or disinfection needs not pre-empted.

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– Alliance Program 

Allowing your robots to maximise HCAI reduction

Our Alliance Program is a two-aspect program for a healthcare facility to customise, implement and manage their T-1000 Disinfection Robots to obtain the most efficient disinfection capability. This includes our Alliance Installation program and our Alliance On-Going Support.

Tailored program  

Bespoke to your site

With our Alliance Program we work closely with your healthcare facility to produce a completely custom disinfection program for your site. This means every room you operate your T-1000’s in will have a customised disinfection map ensuring maxim coverage and efficiency. This level of customisation allows the robot to achieve unprecedented levels of disinfection and HCAI reduction.

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data dashboard  

Putting your disinfection history at your fingertips

Data is an important part of an infection control program. That is why the T-1000 is equipped with data collection and storage management software. This information is accessed any time through your Hunter UV dashboard. From your dashboard you can view operational usage and history for any of your T-1000’s. at any time.

– SCIENTIFIC evidence 

A proven and effective solution

Independent labs have validated and certified the effectiveness of the T-1000 against a host of pathogens. All clinical studies showed positive results and confirmed the T-1000’s ability to inactivated pathogens. Peer-reviewed studies have also been conducted showing the effect UV-C disinfection has when reducing HCAI’s within health care facilities.

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No harmful chemicals needed

The T-1000’s UV-C disinfection approach is an environmental friendly disinfection method that uses no chemicals. This means facilities do not need to spend extra money on consumables and can limit chemical exposure to patients and staff.

–  SCIENTIFIC research 

backed by scientific data and research 

The T-1000 is backed by independently conducted research and studies showcasing its ability to disinfect pathogens and to lower HCAI’s. This data shows healthcare facilities increase operational performance, lower costs and prevent patient infections.