A Cost Saving Solution To Lower Healthcare Associated Infections.

Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) affect an estimated 800,000 patients per year in England and cost the NHS billions each year.


Preventing patient from infections has always been of high importance for healthcare workers and facilities.


While traditional and manual, chemical-based cleaning measures continue to be useful, in isolation they are no longer sufficiently comprehensive in a healthcare setting – due both to the high degree of resilience common HCAI bacteria now have to antibiotics and the arrival of COVID-19 as a further potential HCAI.


Traditional surface cleaning techniques eradicate only 50% of viruses and pathogens. However, many healthcare providers are now looking at UV-C disinfection, which offers far more comprehensive disinfection to reduce HCAI’s in healthcare settings.


UV-C light is a specific band of Ultraviolet light, with wavelengths of between 200 and 300 nanometres. When pathogens are exposed to UV-C light it is absorbed into their cellular RNA and DNA. This damages the pathogens nucleic acids, and creatives new bonds (dimers)between nucleotides in molecules such as thymine. The dimers damage the pathogens genetic make-up to the extent where they are unable to reproduce and become no-longer infectious.


UV-C has been proven to kill common HCAIs such as MRSA, MSSA, E. coli and Coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV 2 (COVID-19) and many more. UV-C’s ability allows it to destroy all known bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and mould as they all have the same non-protected genetic makeup. This allows UV-C to be at the forefront of fighting new and emerging pathogens and those that evolve and change.

A recent study by Boston University (in conjunction with Hunter UV’s UV-C emitter supplier Signify, part of Philips Group) found that SARS CoV 2 (COVID-19) was eradicated by Hunter UV’s UV-C technology minutes.


UV-C disinfection is not a replacement for your current infection prevent and control program. UV-C disinfection is a simple and easy addition to your current program to enhance your facilities ability to reduce HCAI’s. UV-C disinfection is an extremely fast process and only takes a few minutes to disinfect entire rooms. This means your facility can simply add it to your current infection control process for a room. With our Alliance Program, we can work with your infection control team to make a tailored implementation solution to make the process as easy as possible.