Helping Prevent Surgical Site Infections.


In 2013/13, a total of 4.2 million operative procedures were performed in England. Even more, SSIs are the costliest HAI type costing the NHS billions annually and are associated with thousands of additional inpatient days annually.


The T-1000 is proven to create safer Operating Environments by disinfecting areas missed or not thoroughly disinfected by traditional disinfection by using UV-C light. An OR setting is one of the most vulnerable areas for HCAI’s due to open wounds and patients being most vulnerable. Having a multi-strategy response is highly important for reducing surgical site infections. These include good hand-hygiene, traditional disinfection and PPE. All of these strategies combined with the implementation of UV-C disinfection reinforces a OR rooms infection control procedure. This is due to UV-C’s disinfections automated approach that solves the issue of human error. Implementing UV-C disinfection on-top of traditional methods show rates of HCAI’s reduced in OR settings creating more protection for patients and staff.