Since 2012, more than 10,000 passengers and holidaymakers have been infected by virus outbreaks on cruise liners.

Ultimately, this has cost cruise lines millions and millions of pounds.

But it’s not just refunds, lost revenue onboard and a loss of potential future customers that are costing the companies millions, but the cost of now disinfecting the shape and ensuring it is safe for use.

Protect Your Passengers

Passengers can feel confident once again in cruise ships if an effective layer of protection is used such as UV germ-killing lights.

Effectively disinfecting all spaces, UV light takes minutes to eliminate traces of all known viruses and can help to keep cabins and communal areas clean and safe.

Not only will this technology prevent the spread and transmission of the coronavirus, but it will stop sicknesses and bugs from spreading on board.

Maintain High Public Health Standards

Infectious diseases travel through the air and survive on surfaces. Not visible to the eye, the virus can be anywhere.

This makes sanitising areas very difficult. Cleaners and disinfection services cannot 100% confidently say they have cleaned every area affectively without missing spots.

UV light technology has been introduced to a wide variety of industries and will be particularly useful and helpful in travel circumstances.

UV light disinfects the air and all surfaces within minutes, effectively killing up 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

The T-1000 is easy to use, completely mobile and operated from an app on a phone. Revolutionising the disinfection industry, it keeps costs low and ensures safety for all.

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Keep Spaces Clean

  • Cabins
  • Bathrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Deck
  • Captain Quarters
  • Crew Deck
  • Narrow Hallways
  • Communal Areas

Coronavirus has undoubtedly affected the pace of living. It has disrupted the travel industry extremely with major cruise lines quarantined and stuck out in the sea.

These situations put off travellers, let alone the worry of catching and spreading the virus further.

Therefore to get these services up and running again more has to be done and disinfection standards need to surpass the current standard.

The T-1000 cobot will allow for passengers, crew and staff to feel safe and enjoy the pursuits they once did.

Expertly and effectively killing traces of the coronavirus amongst many other dangerous bacterias, pathogens and diseases. This device aims to keep passengers safe through any pandemic and through any outbreak.

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