Using ultraviolet light, the T-800 is able to eliminate and kill viruses up to 99.99%.Emerging technologies retailers are using to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in stores

Big names stores are beginning to set the standard of new virus control measures, which are introducing new innovative ways to disinfect and sanitise communal spaces.

Several new safety and sanitary features have been announced, such as the new ultraviolet light sanitising.

This new emerging technology is helping brick-and-mortar stores prevent and control the spread of coronavirus.

The virus prevention system is evolving and revolutionising the way in which we clean and disinfect spaces.

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How to prevent the spread and safely reopen

In the UK some stores have had to limit their capacity and conduct temperature checks to create the safest space possible.

For stores to survive there will be some changes to the way in which retail operates.

For example, ultraviolet light sanitising systems like the T-800 will make the experience once again more interactive for shoppers and employees.

This new technology will allow for the safe use of cell phones, tablets, keyboards, pens and all the devices that are frequently picked up, touched and used in retail spaces.

This will help employees encourage sales and help browsing shoppers more confident in making purchasing decisions.

99.99% Disinfection tools

Using UV light technology can increase a store’s capacity whilst still ensuring the safety regulations and Government advice is being met.

Not only this, but it will be able to instil confidence in shoppers and encourage them to return to shopping areas and retail outlets.

The T-800 robot is probably one of the most effective disinfection and sanitisation tools on the market.

This is because it effectively kills 99.99% of all known viruses, bacterias and pathogens within minutes of use.

Being fully operational from an app on a phone, the robot is completely mobile and disinfects all surfaces and the air.

Coronavirus-fighting robots disinfect shopping centres

iii. T-800 robot to limit times and increase capacityParticularly useful in outlets, shopping malls and big shopping centres disinfection robots are being despatched worldwide to fight the novel coronavirus.

Spraying was first employed to tackle the pandemic, however, ultraviolet light is now being used widely as a disinfectant as it can target hard-to-reach crevices, clean the air and surfaces.

However, UV light should not be used when there are people around because it’s extremely powerful.

It is best used upon opening and closing stores. As it can be used in minutes, stores can also now begin to close for half an hour during lunch to disinfect areas before the next wave of customers arrives.

These robots, however, are extremely smart and will switch themselves on if it detects humans coming into close proximity.

Learn more about how they work here.

Disinfection experts

Our team here at Hunter UV are experienced in working in medical, technology and software industries. Together, we have designed a robotic system that helps businesses reopen and keeps the wider community safe.

The strongest disinfection method on the market, the T-800 offers an effective solution for preventing the spread of harmful viruses.

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