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At any point in time, each individual is susceptible to multiple types of illness, many of which are transmitted through the air.

UV Light Uses For Schools And Universities

Millions and millions of students and teachers attend the 32,770 public and independent schools each day in the UK.

At any point in time, each individual is susceptible to multiple types of illness, many of which are transmitted through the air.

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced attitudes across the country and awoken the general public to the realities of harmful viruses that can appear at any moment.

This has called for measures to be put in place in the UK that will not just get us all safely through this pandemic but to ensure schools are safe from any new or existing viruses.

UVC has been introduced as a reliable and effective way of controlling the transmission of dangerous pathogens and viruses and does so more quickly than any other existing device.

Efforts need to be stepped up with schools reopening

As schools have now begun to reopen across the country it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of all those attending.

School facility and maintenance directors need to adopt an effective infection control protocol that will reduce the transmission of diseases.

One control measure that is one of the quickest, safest and most effective are devices that use the UV light technology, such as the T-800.


STUDIES HAVE SHOWN UV LIGHTS ARE EFFECTIVEThis new technology is an effective disinfection system that can help fight the spread of coronavirus.

Using ultraviolet light, the T-800 is able to eliminate and kill viruses up to 99.99%.

UV light technology effectively kills any known virus, bacterias and pathogens within seconds of exposure.

A breakthrough in germicidal protection, the disinfection device presents the opportunity to disinfect large areas and frequently used communal areas in minutes.

This ensures that spaces are clean and sanitised making it safe for use.

Learn more about the science here.

What can schools do to protect students and staff?

Disinfection hallways and sanitising classrooms

Closed environments such as hallways are the perfect breeding grounds for pathogens to spread. The disinfection of these areas is extremely difficult especially for cleaning staff, who cannot ensure that every nook and cranny has been sanitised.

Concerning schools where hallways and classrooms are in frequent use every hour can make this even more difficult to uphold.

The T-800 disinfection robot can disinfect surfaces and the air within minutes, which will keep hallways and classrooms safe for all in between lessons and break times.

This will not only give parents peace of mind when sending their children to school but will prevent the spread by keeping both teachers, staff and children safe.

The key to preventing the spread of disease is to accurately disinfect the air and surfaces

As the T-800 disinfection device is mobile, it can be placed in any room, space or area and be left alone to disinfect the space.

Simple and easy to use, after a short training session the device can be used whilst classes are taking place and the hallways are empty.

It will also be extremely effective in canteens, classrooms, staffrooms and communal spaces.

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