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Providing a clean and safe environment is paramount. With a solid cleaning and disinfecting routine in place, your customers will feel more comfortable booking an appointment.

How to properly disinfect and sanitise beauty salon and nail bars

Having gone months without beauty treatments, many people are desperate to book in their next appointment.

However, some remain apprehensive about returning to salons.

For those still ordering their shopping online and avoiding public transport, taking the first step through the doors of a beauty salon for a manicure, pedicure or skin treatment can be a big one.

So, how can you help to encourage customers to return to your business?

Specialist Anti-Virus Cleaning

Providing a clean and safe environment is paramount.

With a solid cleaning and disinfecting routine in place, your customers will feel more comfortable booking an appointment.

The T-800 Disinfection Robot is perfect for indoor spaces such as beauty salons and neutralises 99.99% of any known viruses, bacteria, or pathogens.

Implementing a disinfection solution like the T-800 can save precious time and effort while providing a clean and safe environment.

Hunter UV’s unique system can save valuable time on disinfecting indoor spaces, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Cleaning is time-consuming and, during a virus outbreak, the amount of cleaning required in hospices is immense.
The T-800 has been specifically designed to be used in any internal space.

What can the T-800 disinfect?

The T-800 was designed for maximum disinfection coverage in indoor spaces, such as nail bars.

The device emits germicidal UV light that kills viruses within just one minute.

We originally developed the robot for hospital use.

However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realised the T-800 had a much broader scope to help businesses.

There are several potential areas of contamination within a beauty salon and all of these must be addressed as part of your cleaning and disinfecting routine.

In addition to large communal spaces like seating areas and bathrooms, any point of contact including equipment, light switches, toilet flushes, faucets, desk phones, and door handles should be disinfected.

The T-800 can disinfect communal spaces with speed and efficiency, helping to create safe, virus-free working environments.

Providing a clean space will also encourage visitors to return to your salon, helping to build confidence among people ready to return to normal life following the lockdown.

Discover more about the science here.

The proven way to protect staff and clients

Nail technicians are already familiar with personal protective equipment (PPE) in nail bars.

Nail polishes can contain harmful chemicals and other potentially dangerous ingredients are found in nail polish removers and glues.

With this system already in place, staff in nail bars and beauty salons should be more comfortable with the idea of wearing some form of PPE.

In addition to masks, the Government has advised that, where possible, businesses should install screens or barriers to separate clients from each other and to separate staff from clients.

To reduce risk further, nail bars and beauty salons should operate an appointment-only booking system to minimise the number of people on the premises at any given time.

Maintaining social distancing at your establishment may not always be possible.

For example, hairdressers have provided staff with masks and visors and have asked clients to wear masks to reduce the risk of transmission.

Expert disinfection services

Upon delivery, a member of the Hunter UV team can train your staff to use the T-800 Disinfection Robot in the following simple steps:

  1. First, the robot should be placed in the area of your nail bar or salon that you wish to disinfect.
  2. Next, the operator can connect with the robot using the accompanying app and a tablet device.
  3. Once the safety checklist is complete and the appropriate disinfecting cycle has been selected, the T-800 can get to work.

For more information about using the T-800 in your nail or beauty salon, contact us today.

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