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Despite businesses reopening, many people are apprehensive about returning to the places they once frequented. So, how can pubs and restaurants provide customers with the reassurance they need?

Post-lockdown cleaning advice for pubs and restaurants

Lockdown restrictions have finally been lifted, meaning pubs, bars and restaurants are open for business. But, as any business owner will agree, opening the doors and getting customers back in are two very different things.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, everyday life changed dramatically.

Friday nights at the pub and meals out with friends and family were suddenly put on hold.

Despite businesses reopening, many people are apprehensive about returning to the places they once frequented.

So, how can pubs and restaurants provide customers with the reassurance they need?

UV DEEP CLEANING: KEEPING your staff and customers safe

At Hunter UV, we spent years developing the T-800 Disinfection Robot, an easy-to-use, effective cleaning system designed for indoor spaces such as pubs and restaurants.

Created following extensive scientific research, the T-800 is powered by UV-C light technology, which gives people the ability to disinfect wide areas of communal spaces with speed and efficiency.

The UV-C light technology produces electromagnetic energy that prevents microorganisms from reproducing by creating chemical reactions in nucleic acids.

In short, the T-800 prevents the spread of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens, including COVID-19.

The device is widely used in the hospitality and medical industries, such as:

How can the T-800 help my pub or restaurant?

Hunter UV Medical use new, innovative technology to provide medical fields and businesses, like dental practices with state-of-the-art disinfection and UV sterilisation devices.We understand that all businesses want to provide staff and customers with reassurance during a virus outbreak.

There are several ways pubs and restaurants can make their establishments safe spaces to enjoy.

UK Government guidelines stipulate that while some indoor areas can be cleaned as normal – even if someone with symptoms has passed through – all surfaces that someone carrying the virus has touched should be disinfected.

Corridors, for example, could be cleaned as normal, while bathrooms, door handles, phones, rails on staircases or lift buttons, must be decontaminated.

Reopening pubs and restaurants post-lockdown will inevitably create some unease among staff and customers, but there are guidelines in place to help.

Social distancing, the use of hand sanitiser with a 60-95% alcohol content, advance bookings and one-way systems can all help to prevent the spread of a virus-like COVID-19 within your establishment.

Once customers have left, their table must be disinfected, as well as any surfaces or objects they may have touched, such as menus or card machines.

Larger areas, however, require a quick, all-round solution such as the T-800.

Can any member of staff learn to use the T-800?

The T-800 can be incorporated as part of your usual cleaning routine to provide added protection against the transmission of viruses.

Upon delivery, a member of the Hunter UV team will train staff to use the robot in four easy steps:

  1. Firstly, the operator should place the T-800 into the room that needs to be disinfected, such as the seating area or bathroom.
  2. Next, the operator can connect to the robot via the app on a tablet device.
  3. Once the safety checklist has been completed and the appropriate disinfection cycle selected, the T-800 can begin its cycle, emitting a powerful UV-C light.
  4. Once the cycle is complete, the operator can move the T-800 can be moved to the next area for decontamination.

Preparing to reopen

If you have yet to reopen your pub or restaurant, the T-800 can provide an extra layer of security.

We understand how difficult it has been for businesses to get back up and running after the lockdown and we believe our Disinfection Robot can help. Discover the science here.

The T-800 saves an enormous amount of time on disinfecting surfaces, using our innovative, scientifically-proven technology to decontaminate large areas quickly and efficiently, and leaving you more time to focus on your customers.

For more information about the T-800, contact us today.

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