Offices and Commercial Buildings

We have worked hard to develop the T-800 Disinfection Robot – a mobile piece of equipment designed to disinfect 99.99% of any known viruses, bacteria, or pathogens from indoor environments.

UVC Disinfection Lighting for Offices and Commercial Buildings

Ensuring your office is healthy and safe is vital for protecting the health of your staff, clients and visitors.

Manually disinfecting touch points and high traffic areas has been the standard for many years, however, these surfaces have been extremely unreliable in light of the current pandemic.

This has hugely made the general public aware of the dangerous impacts of viruses, bacterias and pathogens.

Unfortunately, commercial cleaning is subject to human error. As you cannot see viruses lurking on surfaces it is not 100% certifiable that every nook and cranny has been disinfected.

The filthy facts

  • Every year on average UK workers lose 9.1 days due to sickness
  • Work equipment can be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat
  • The most common cause of workplace illnesses are cold and flu-related
  • COVID-19 can last up to 72 hours on hard surfaces. Bacteria can increase this figure by 31% every day.
  • The dirtiest areas in the office include all touchpoints such as keyboards, muses, armrests, light switches, door handles and printers

Sanitising the office

As manual disinfection and commercial cleaning is being widely used now in a step to control the spread it is costing businesses money and time. Especially when there are no guarantees for employee safety.

When it comes to offices, the biggest concern is air quality. Some offices in the city are crammed into building blocks that provide inadequate airflow circumstances.

Thus creating a breeding ground for pathogens to multiply and spread.

Therefore, new technology has been introduced to bring peace of mind to the workplace.

Keeping staff safe

The T-800 is now beginning to be widely used across a variety of industries as companies step up their virus control methods.As workers will now expect a higher standard of cleanliness for any building they walk into, it becomes the responsibility of the employer to ensure that this is true.

In order for employees to return to work, they need to feel safe and need to ensure that they will not be transmitting the virus further to their families or anyone else they come into contact with.

One of the best ways to restore peace of mind is with UV light technology, which has been proven to eliminate 99.99% of all known viruses.

The T-800 is now beginning to be widely used across a variety of industries as companies step up their virus control methods.

Completely mobile and independent you can control the device with an app on your phone and within minutes the air and all surfaces have been disinfected properly.

See how the science of the T-800 works here.

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Making sure your business is safe to reopen

Hunter UV wants to help employers and offices give their employees the confidence to return to work.

UV light disinfection devices can ensure that staff remain safe as it prevents the spread of coronavirus.

This will also reduce sicknesses occurring from the office as the device ensures the air and all surfaces are disinfected properly and accurately.

Unique devices like the T-800 help local and national businesses stay ahead of the curve and prevents the constant worry about cleaning and hygiene.

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