When cleaning surfaces, it is not necessary to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) or clothing over and above what would usually be used.Essential Sanitisation for Hotel Guestrooms and Public Spaces

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The T-800 is an ideal solution for disinfection of hotels, guestrooms and public spaces – a UV disinfection robot that kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and pathogens, including the Coronavirus.

The recent pandemic has highlighted the need for disinfection in all places people go.

Originally developed for use in hospitals, with a 360-degree disinfection radius the T-800 is able to sterilise any indoor space to laboratory standards within minutes.

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There has never been a better time to invest in disinfection.

Protecting common and easily infected areas

The most obvious ways that viruses and bacteria are transmitted within hotels, guestrooms and public spaces are:

Via the Air: Particles are transferred from person-to-person via the air they breathe – this results in the fast transmission of disease. More.

On Surfaces: Bacteria and viruses can pass from one person to another when someone touches their face shortly after touching a surface that has recently been contaminated. Although contamination drops over time, bacteria and viruses can survive on surfaces for many days. COVID-19 can remain active for over 28 days outside of the human body. This means it is vital to disinfect hotels, guest rooms and public spaces thoroughly. Read more.

Offering both air disinfection and surface disinfection, the T-800 allows you to build UV disinfection into regular cleaning routines.

Hotel Disinfection Guidelines

Knowing the guidance and the rules is important for ensuring the safety of your guests, visitors as well as hotel staff and management.

Outside of healthcare settings, the following cleaning advice should be followed:

“As a minimum, frequently touched surfaces should be wiped down twice a day, and one of these should be at the beginning or the end of the working day. Cleaning should be more frequent depending on the number of people using the space, whether they are entering and exiting the setting and access to handwashing and hand-sanitising facilities. Cleaning of frequently touched surfaces is particularly important in bathrooms and communal kitchens.” – GOV.UK

UV technology takes away human error. As viruses cannot be seen with the human eye, there is no way to guarantee complete and utter safety for your guests and customers.

One way to make them feel safe and secure with your services is by investing in UV light technology devices like the T-800.

The Science Behind the T-800: Why it works so well

UV light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, just outside of the visible light spectrum.

When artificially emitted, UV-C is can be used to kill bacteria and disease pathogens.

UV-C light is highly effective as a disinfectant. Very low doses are required which means disinfection of hotels, guest room and public spaces can be completed very quickly.

Upon delivery of the T-800, the Hunter UV team will provide full safety training to any person responsible for operating the robot.

The environment will be analysed and a specialist will show you how to program the optimal cleaning cycle for your needs.

Operated remotely from a tablet via a Smart app, the T-800 performs both air disinfection and surface disinfection at the same time.

Ideal for multi-room environments, the T-800 can be moved from room to room to complete its cleaning cycle.

Due to the high power of the UV light, no people or animals can be present in the area during cleaning, however, the robot finishes its room disinfection in minutes.

How to use UV light technology

The T-800 has a simple four-step cleaning process:

  1. Placement: First, the operator moves the T-800 to the required location then the device is left to work its magic.
  2. Get Ready: The operator connects to the robot via Wifi using the tablet app. Before running the pre-stored disinfection cycle, the operator performs the necessary safety checklist.
  3. Disinfection Sequence: Once the user has left the area, the cleaning cycle commences. UV-C light is emitted from the robot in a 360-degree radius, killing 99.99% of bacteria or viruses within the room. Cycle duration varies by the size of the disinfecting area, but often only a few minutes are needed.
  4. Next Space: Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the operator is notified via the app and can now move the T-800 to the next cleaning area, where the process restarts.

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