One of the main concerns surrounding the reopening of gyms and fitness facilities during a virus outbreak is the high risk of transmission.

Proven steps for sanitising and disinfecting fitness facilities and gyms

Before the UK lockdown began, gyms across Britain were full of people working on their New Years’ resolutions and preparing for an exciting year.

For several months, gyms were closed due to concerns over social distancing and cleanliness.

Fitness centres are designed to accommodate group classes as well as shared equipment for individual workouts – both of these pose potential problems in the context of a pandemic.

Now, with restrictions lifting across the nation, it is important to make your space safe and clean to encourage visitors back.

By implementing a thorough disinfection and cleaning routine, you can reopen your facilities safely and responsibly.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, & Sanitizing Your Gym During COVID

Cleaning is time-consuming and, during a virus outbreak, the amount of cleaning required in hospices is immense.
The T-800 has been specifically designed to be used in any internal space.

The T-800 Disinfection Robot is perfect for indoor spaces such as gyms or fitness studios.

The robot can be placed within a studio or shared workout area and disinfect the space in just one minute.

How does the T-800 work?

We developed the T-800 based on years of scientific research.

This unique device uses UV-C light technology to produce electromagnetic energy that destroys the ability for microorganisms to reproduce by creating chemical reactions in nucleic acids.

In short, the robot neutralises viruses, bacteria, and pathogens efficiently and effectively.

A key reason why we developed the T-800 was to help businesses to protect their workers, patients, and visitors from the threat of viruses such as COVID-19.

By thoroughly disinfecting indoor spaces, our unique technology can help to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

On delivery, a member of the Hunter UV team will help to train your personnel to use the T-800.

It works in four easy steps:

  1. The first step is to place the robot in a space that requires disinfecting.
  2. Then, the operator can connect to the T-800 via and app and tablet.
  3. Once the safety checklist is complete and the desired disinfection cycle has been selected, the robot will begin its cycle.
  4. On completion, the robot can be removed and placed in the next space for decontamination.

Increasing the Post-Use Cleaning of Gym Equipment

One of the main concerns and challenges surrounding the reopening of gyms and fitness facilities during a virus outbreak is the high risk of transmission.

Gyms are full of people working out, sweating, breathing and touching the equipment.

It can be a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and pathogens if not cleaned correctly.

With a proper cleaning system in place, you can reopen your business safely and reassure visitors.

Cleaning the gym equipment frequently is essential.

While it may not be possible to professionally disinfect equipment after each use (as this would require chasing people around a lot), you can place disinfecting spray and hand sanitiser throughout the gym and ask visitors to wipe down equipment after each use.

At the beginning and end of each day, however, it is highly recommended that you disinfect indoor spaces such as changing rooms, bathrooms, reception areas and of course, the gym or studio itself.

Air purification

While research into how COVID-19 is transmitted is still underway, it is suspected that the virus can travel through aerosols.

It is not yet known for how long the virus can linger in the air, but it is recommended that business implement proper ventilation systems.

In addition to disinfecting surfaces, the T-800 Disinfection Robot decontaminates air spaces to lab-grade standard. Discover the science here.

With this added layer of security, you can ensure that when you place the T-800 in an indoor area of your gym or fitness facility, every square inch will be covered, with 99.99% of any known viruses, bacteria or pathogens neutralised.

For more details on how the T-800 can help your gym or fitness centre, contact us today.

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