UV Light and Coronavirus

Hunter UV Medical is dedicated to the safety of the wider community and essential protection of employees and business owners working in key industries such as hospitals, care homes, surgeries and dental clinics.

Fast, Continuous UV-C Air Purification

It is Hunter UV Medical’s mission to provide easy, effective solutions for healthcare providers to ensure patient and employee safety in hospitals, dental practices, care homes and surgeries.

Dental practices that are re-opening will require each professional practitioner to continue their procedures under caution, especially in the case where AGPs are used.

This is to ensure that all medical staff feel satisfied that they are providing safe treatments for all.

Official Government guidelines

Cleaning the room an hour after a patient’s visit will also be required to reduce the transmission of dangerous infectious diseases like COVID-19.

However, dentists can choose not to follow this recommendation.

If there is another method that can shorten this fallow period it is accepted only as long as there is evidence that can be referenced.

Correct PPE will be required to be worn during the procedure to protect their patients, staff and themselves.

See: Official PPE advice here.

Cleaner spaces achieve reduced infection rates

To ensure your dentist practice is safe for face-to-face appointments, dental managers will need to undertake detailed risk management techniques to ensure the safeguarding of health for patients and dental staff.As your practice will have a legal obligation to ensure patient and employee safety, it’s very important that rigorous and diligent disinfection cleaning takes place.

Pathogens are often transmitted differently.

Where you believe you have cleaned a surface, it will make no difference to airborne pathogens.

These are far more difficult to remove.

In 2018, Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology reported that UV robots decreased the number of pathogens in the environment.

It also reduced the number of patients infected by the bacteria.

Using UVC to protect and disinfect

  • Is able to clean surroundings in 2 to 4 minutes
  • 360-degree reach
  • More effective than manual disinfectant methods
  • Accesses areas that might be missed manually
  • Kills 99.99% of all bacterias, pathogens and viruses

Modern disinfection techniques for medical professionals

The T-800 is a UV dental steriliser and has multiple advantages over traditional disinfection solutions and products.

During a pandemic, ensuring your space is kept clean and safe for your patients in order to keep business running will require you to upgrade your current sanitisation methods.

As the T-800 is mobile, during disinfection mode it will emit germicidal ultraviolet light with no help, control or assistance from an operator.

It is the only existing product on the market currently that can confidently, safely and quickly eliminate 99.99% of all bacterias, pathogens and viruses that are airborne and live on surfaces.

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The science: How it works

Minimising the risk of infection is essential. Therefore, all dental practices throughout the UK need to carry out risk assessments for all clinical, administrative and domestic staff.

As a proven and backed technology, UV light reduces bacteria, viruses and harmful microorganisms that can cause a huge threat to human health.

Robots use ultraviolet light beams to zap any existing viruses in the air or on surfaces.

The ultraviolet light (UV-C) effectively eliminates or inactivates the harmful microorganisms by breaking down their nucleic acids, disrupting their DNA and stopping them from multiplying.

It is not a new technology.

UV germicidal lamps have been often used in medical environments for years to disinfect the air and surfaces in hospitals, care homes, labs and many more businesses where hygiene is of the utmost importance.

During the current outbreak of Coronavirus, UV light offers one of the most effective techniques available that actively helps to reduce and control the spread.

Hunter UV Medical offer UV-C disinfection robots to improve the cleanliness of your organisation.

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OFFICIAL resources

The CDC has released and updated the guidance for dental practices to resume non-emergency dental appointments during the pandemic.

Updates include recommendations for dental care for both patients, management, admin and work practice management.

The guideline importantly outlines the sterilisation and disinfection process that needs to be legally met by surgeries planning to reopen.

See: CDC Guidance for Dental Settings