To ensure your dentist practice is safe for face-to-face appointments, dental managers will need to undertake detailed risk management techniques to ensure the safeguarding of health for patients and dental staff.

Dental UV light steriliser

Hunter UV Medical use new, innovative technology to provide medical fields and businesses, like dental practices with state-of-the-art disinfection and UV sterilisation devices.

As more businesses begin to reopen after the Coronavirus lockdown, it is required for dental clinics to introduce enhanced measures to clean their practices and technical equipment.

For the safety of their staff and patients, dentists have a legal obligation to prevent the spread and the transmission of bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

The fastest and most effective method to sanitise the air, surfaces and equipment is with UV light technology, which is widely used in both large and small hospitals and medical facilities.

“The T-800 has allowed my practice to return back to full capacity. It’s very important that we keep our patients and staff safe, the T-800 allows us to do this.”
Dr Michaels, Smile Clinic

Now, smaller practices looking to commence business as usual once again are beginning to adopt this new technology.

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