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Allowing multiple industries to be safe


Multi-industry applications 

The T-1000 is not only suited for disinfecting hospitals and healthcare sectors, it can also be utilised to protect a variety of different sectors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UV-C disinfection technology has become a new and welcomed solution for industries around the Globe. Our technology allows people to feel safe and most importantly be safe, in any industry.

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Lowering Healthcare associated infections

Healthcare-associated infections are a huge burden to hospitals and healthcare facilities. They decrease operational efficiency and put patients’ lives at risk. Reduce HCAI’s with the T-1000 by utilising UV-C light to protect your staff and patients.

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– Residential care

Protecting the most vulnerable

Residential care patients are one of the most vulnerable groups of people. Protecting them against outbreaks of diseases is of the highest importance. The addition of T-1000’s creates an added layer of protection and helps prevent the spread of disease within residential care settings.


Increasing quality assurance

Pharmaceutical production is a highly regulated and controlled industry. Having an added level of disinfection helps manage these types of regulations and provides a better level of quality assurance throughout your site.

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Creating safe spaces to work

Disease outbreaks within companies can lead to massive loses by increasing sick days and effecting staff efficiency. Implementation of T-1000’s reduces this lost efficiency to maximise your bottom-line and protects your staff.

– hospitality

Highest levels of quality for your guests  

Guests expect the highest level of quality and service. Having hospital-grade disinfection technology to kill pathogens within your hotel, restaurant or cruise ship will allow you to do just that. The addition of T-1000’s will protect your customers and instil confidence within them.

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Allowing children to learn safely

Children’s safety is the highest importance for any school. Having the ability to keep schools disinfected should be a priory. Adding T-1000’s to your cleaning routine will create the safest possible environment for your pupils and teachers.

More about the T-1000

Making spaces safer

The T-1000 is an extremely diverse cobot that can operate in almost any industry. The T-1000 can disinfect and help prevent diseases with the power of UV-C light in any place and at any time.