safe, effective, disinfection in your everyday spaces

The T-800 Disinfection Robot will meet your need for effective, viral disinfection in your everyday spaces. The T-800 Disinfection Robot combines UV-C light technology with the latest hardware and software. This gives you the ability to kill pathogens wherever and whenever you need to. See some of the industries where the T-800 is being utilised:

If you operate a hospital, GP surgery, urgent care unit or any other medical facility, reducing HAIs is of high priority. Improve patient outcomes and save your operation time and money with the benefit of the T-800 Disinfection Robot. Our UV-C light technology gives you the ability to disinfect all areas of your medical practice. This will allow you to improve patient safety, care and health.

Dental practices

If you operate and manage a dental practice, disinfection is of massive importance to you. The T-800 can disinfect air and surfaces spaces within your patient rooms and other area of your dental practice. This is of particular importance when it comes to APGs as these procedures create particles containing viruses that can stay in the air. The T-800 can disinfect these particles produced by APGs in the air and on surfaces in a matter of minutes, giving you the ability to see more patients in a given time period.

Elderly patients are at a higher risk of contracting deadly pathogens that can lead to life-threatening complications. With the T-800 Disinfection Robot, you have the capacity to disinfect 99.99% of pathogens within your care home facility, increasing the protection of your residents and staff against deadly viral outbreaks. The T-800 has the ability to control viruses within your home and stop them spreading. Good disinfection protocols using the T-800 are crucial in limiting the spread of viral load especially from carriers of the disease who are not showing symptoms.


Children’s safety is of the highest importance for any school. Having the ability to keep schools clean and virus free so teachers can teach and pupils can learn is a necessity which must be achieved to allow schools to function. The T-800 can provide effective disinfection of your school reducing the risk of viral outbreaks. Creating a safe learning environment for your staff and pupils. The use of the T-800 will also reduce the need for harmful chemical sprays which increase the risk of respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Viral and bacterial outbreaks onboard a cruise ship can create huge problems for passengers and crew. They ruin customers holidays and cause brand and financial damage to the operator. Customers expect a safe and clean environment when they go on holiday. Make sure they can experience that by using the T-800 to disinfect all cabins, restaurants, bars and other areas. Stop viral outbreaks from destroying your brand and your customers holidays.


Protect your customers, staff and your brand by using the T-800’s Disinfection Robot on all surfaces and prepping areas. Make sure your customers feel safe to eat in your establishment by creating a healthy environment where they can concentrate on enjoying their meal rather than worrying about contracting a life-threatening disease. Keep your customers safe and happy with the T-800.

Set your gym apart and give your customers confidence and peace of mind that they are training in a safe and clean environment by using the T-800 disinfection robot. Disinfect changing rooms, toilets, studios, machines and equipment to eliminate foot fungus, bad hygiene and unwanted illnesses. Give your customers the safest and best gym experience possible by using the T-800 Disinfection Robot.

Greet your guests with the confidence that your accommodations have been effectively treated against harmful viral and bacterial pathogens. Help your guests relax the way they should, by giving them the assurance that their rooms are safe to stay in. Improve your customer experience with T-800 Disinfection Robot and use it as a part of your daily housekeeping routine. Creat clean and safe rooms and areas within your hotel by implementing the T-800 to disinfect all your areas.


The T-800 Disinfection Robot has the ability to disinfect surfaces and stop viral outbreaks in your workplace. Give your staff the peace of mind that they’re working in a safe environment where they can thrive. The EPA estimates that indoor air quality costs companies more than $50 billion each year in healthcare, absenteeism, lost production and lost revenue. Protect your staff and protect your company with T-800 disinfection robot.

Your customers want to shop, but they also want to be safe. let them have both by using the T-800 to disinfect all aspects of your shop. The T-800 has the ability to disinfect clothes, surfaces, furniture, food and more meaning every aspect and area of your shop can provide a safer environment for your staff and customers.