Alliance program

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Working with you to Implement and manage your Robots to obtain the most effective HCAI Reduction

Alliance program

Two-aspect plan of action to obtain the most effective HCAI reduction

The Hunter UV Alliance Program is a two-aspect program for healthcare facilities to implement and manage their T-1000’s to obtain the most effective healthcare-associated-infection (HCAI’s) reductions. This HCAI’s are lowered as much as possible by customising, implementing and managing their T-1000’s. Our Alliance program splits into two different sections. The first section being the Alliance Program Instillation and the second being Alliance program On-Going Support.


Working with you to customise and integrate your robots into your site

The Alliance Program Installation is a program for your team to follow to ensure proper and robust integration of your T-1000’s. With the Alliance Program Installation we work with you to seamlessly integrate your T-1000’s into your infection control protocols, customise your T-1000’s to your site by creating custom disinfection maps for each room and train all necessary staff on-site on how to operate and manage their T-1000’s. All of this maximises HCAI reduction and helps protect your patients and staff even further. Having an installation plan is an often-overlooked aspect when purchasing UV disinfection devices. But a thorough and planned installation, where all key personal can communicate, voice their ideas and are made aware of the robots is extremely important.

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on-going support 

Features and services to ensure longevity and optimal disinfection capacity

The Alliance Program On-Going support is a set of features and services to ensure longevity and optimal disinfection capacity for your T-1000’s. Our On-Going Support features services such as a dedicated program manager who acts as your first point of call for anything related to your T-1000’s, health inspection of each of your robots to ensure longevity and peak performance, data collection software, remote monitoring and much, much more. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible service throughout your Hunter UV experience and our On-Going Support is a testament to that mission.


Making Spaces Safer

The T-1000 is a disinfection robot that utilises UV-C light to disinfect entire rooms and spaces within the healthcare sector and other industries. The robots mission is to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HCAI’s).