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About us

Helping healthcare facilities Globally reduce HCAI’s to prevent patient suffering

Our mission

Preventing infections, reducing costs and saving lives

Hunter UV’s mission is to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HCAI’s) globally by utilising the benefits of ultraviolet light disinfection to deactivate and disinfect pathogens missed by manual cleaning. We allow healthcare facility access to ultraviolet disinfection in a cost-effective way to help reduce their HCAI burden. This saves vital resources for their facilities, improves their bottom line and most importantly saves lives. One of our main objectives was to create a cost-effective UV disinfection cobot that can be easily implemented into hospitals within the developing world helping them save lives.

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What We Do

Utilising UV-C light to kill pathogens

Hunter UV manufactures and supplies UV disinfection cobots to the healthcare sector globally. We achieve this by utilising the latest ultraviolet light technology and partnering it with the latest hardware and software design. We produce highly effective disinfection cobots to reduce healthcare-associated infections within healthcare facilities.

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Why we do it 

Reducing Healthcare Associated infections

Healthcare-Associated Infections are a massive burden for the healthcare sector around the globe. Millions of people each year are infected with an HCAI globally and hundreds of thousands die from their effects. These infections lead to hospitals having increased days spend in bed, vital resources used, decreased operational efficiency and cause avoidable deaths. Our mission is to reduce these infections to help prevent patient suffering.

humble beginnings 

Creating quality and value For all healthcare facilities 

Founded in 2020, Hunter UV’s founders discovered the benefits ultraviolet light had when it came to disinfection. The benefits of UV disinfection within the healthcare sector became apparent very quickly and soon after we decided to produce our first UV disinfection cobot. The team’s mission was to create a product better than any other supplier operating in the market both in quality and most importantly value. This meant all healthcare facilities globally could benefit from UV-C disinfection to reduce healthcare-associated-infections.

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 OUR Values 

Committed to our values, Focuses and our mission 

We are extremely committed to our mission and core values. Our purpose and mission are to help healthcare facilities globally lower healthcare-associated infections to improve patient care. The main way we sore to achieving this was to create a robust, easy to use and cost-effective device, and that’s exactly what we have done. Our core values are quality, customer service, value, robust implementation and results. We believe these fundamental values will help us achieve our mission.

 OUR company 

Proudly manufactured in the U.K.

Located in the United Kingdom, Our Head Office is in East Sussex, England. All our manufacturing and development is completed within the United Kingdom, something we are extremely proud of. Our core focuses are quality, customer service, value, robust implementation and results.

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Mihaela Ariseanu MSC in Clinical Chemistry
International Optima Consultancy
Managing Director

As a biomedical Scientist I know that working in a pathogen free environment is key both for staff and patients. As an MD of a consultancy company which aims at maximum optimisation of work processes, I know that efficiency is significantly impacted by safety. So, when I read about T-1000, I wanted to explore the science behind it. I found that as stated by many, amongst whom the group led by Nobel Prize Laureate in The University of California in Santa Barbara, UV- C is a safe and proven solution to effectively disinfect surfaces and air.

Dr Dennis Bingham PHD

Having worked in hospital pathology laboratories for over 25 years, I am pleased to see the T-1000 Disinfection Robot making widely available a technology, used for many years in hospitals and laboratories, to protect employees and clients from infection. It is particularly important now with the presence of Covid-19 but will also give protection from the common cold and flu viruses. It has been robustly designed to work efficiently with safety a top priority. The operator’s interface is simple and easy to learn. The T-1000 slots easily into cleaning routines.