About us


Hunter UV manufactures ultraviolet light sanitisation & disinfection systems for industries across the UK. We achieve this by using UV-C light technology and partnering it with the latest in hardware and software design. Surfaces and air spaces are rendered completely sanitised from viruses and bacteria. our aim has always been to make spaces safer and this is exactly what we are achieving.


The Hunter UV design team, comprised of high-level people with years of experience working with the medical, design, technology and software industries, invented a robotic system that incorporated our UV-C light technology. The result was the first generation of T-800 disinfection robot, which incorporated the latest in software and hardware design.


Hunter UV was founded with the intent of creating a disinfection system designed to reduce HAI’s within hospitals around the globe. Our team discovered the best way to achieve the results we desired was to use UV-C light. Our team started the development of our UV-C lighting technology. The team’s top priority was to create a system that was simple and intuitive so it could be adopted widely with ease.


The intent of the T-800 was for hospital use, however with the growing concern and threat to life that the Covid-19 pandemic (caused by SARS CoV2) was bringing to the world, our team decided to take a proactive response rather than a reactive response in terms of implementation of the T-800. We discovered that it would be more beneficial to use the T-800 within environments where people are more likely to catch Covid-19. The reasoning behind this was that the T-800 could prevent hospital admissions of Covid-19 by preventing the spread of the viruses within the wider community.

Dr Dennis Bingham

Having worked in hospital pathology laboratories for over 25 years, I am pleased to see the T-800 Disinfection Robot making widely available a technology, used for many years in hospitals and laboratories, to protect employees and clients from infection. It is particularly important now with the presence of Covid-19 but will also give protection from the common cold and flu viruses. It has been robustly designed to work efficiently with safety a top priority. The operator’s interface is simple and easy to learn. The T-800 slots easily into cleaning routines.

Mihaela Ariseanu MSC in Clinical Chemistry
International Optima Consultancy
Managing Director

As a biomedical Scientist I know that working in a pathogen free environment is key both for staff and patients. As an MD of a consultancy company which aims at maximum optimisation of work processes, I know that efficiency is significantly impacted by safety. So, when I read about T-800, I wanted to explore the science behind it. I found that as stated by many, amongst whom the group led by Nobel Prize Laureate in The University of California in Santa Barbara, UV- C is a safe and proven solution to effectively disinfect surfaces and air.

Michael Stewart
Condale Plastics
Managing Director

As a manufacturing company, having staff onsite to deal with problems and issues is of high importance. The T-800 has made staff feel more secure coming into work. Our top priory for us as a company has always been safety, the pandemic brought a new challenge of health and safety, but the T-800 has helped us solve these issues. Operating the T-800 is simple and our cleaning staff needed very little training when it came to using it. I would highly recommend this device for creating safer working environments.

John Charlesworth
Corton Care
Managing director

Our company specialises in care home software. during the pandemic our clients were extremely busy, and our workload increased massively. This meant that having our teams with us in the office was important for making quick decisions to help our clients. We made shore social distancing was in place alongside sanitizer. However, we wanted a way to disinfect our offices fully. This is where we came across Hunter UV. We implemented the T-800 in our office spaces and have been using it on a daily basis. It has instilled confidence in our staff to come into the office giving us the ability to make decisions faster and more effectively.