Helping Hospitals protect patients against COVID-19 and lowering HCAI with UV-C disinfection.

Added layer of defence to stop COVID. 

COVID-19 cases are still on the rise all across the Global, recently hitting 109 million cases. The second wave is stretching our medical systems and infrastructure and is putting more pressure on no able to handle the growing volume of cases.

We are proud to be working with hospitals, educational institutions and many other healthcare environments to help make spaces safer with the T-1000 Disinfection Robot.

Reducing Healthcare associated infections. 

But COVID-19 is not the only challenge that healthcare facilities around the world are facing. There is a growing problem for the last decade of superbugs and healthcare-acquired infections (HCAI’s).  Our mission to help healthcare facilities around the globe deal with both COVID-19 and the growing concern with HCAI to help protect patients, staff and their families form the horrible, avoidable consequences they create.

A chemical/traditional disinfection procedure that only cleans surfaces manually is not enough to keep HCAI’s low or eradicate them completely. The implementation of the T-1000 allows healthcare facilities to lower HCAI’s further. With the power of UV-C light, the T-1000 reinforces your infection control procedures by disinfecting areas missed or not thoroughly disinfected. Hospitals have reported a reduction of HCAI’s by 50% or more after implementing UV-C disinfection.

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